Association Internationale des Hautes Juridictions Administratives
International Association of Supreme Administrative Jurisdictions


President: Mr Juan Eduardo Fuentes Belmar, President of the Supreme Court of Justice of Chile

Secretary General: Mrs Martine de Boisdeffre, President of the Report and Studies Section of the Council of State of France

Treasurer: Mr Frédéric Gosselin, State Councillor at the Council of State of Belgium

Auditor: Mrs Silke Wittkopp, judge at the Federal Administrative Court of Germany

General Assembly

The General Assembly is composed of each member jurisdiction.


The Board is composed of:

  • The Supreme Court of Justice of Chile
  • The Council of State of Belgium
  • The courts appointed for six years by the General Assembly:

IASAJ Board members

The Secretary General, the Treasurer and the Auditor participate in the proceedings of the Board with voting rights.

Management Committee

The Management Committee is composed of 7 members:

  • The Supreme Court of Justice of Chile
  • The Council of State of Belgium
  • The Council of State of the Democratic Republic of Congo
  • The Council of State of Greece
  • The Supreme Administrative Court of Thailand
  • The Secretary General
  • The Treasurer

Former Secretaries General of the Association

Mrs Catherine BergealCouncil of State of France2016 - 2019
Mr François SenersCouncil of State of France2012 - 2016
Mr Christophe DevysCouncil of State of France2007 - 2012
Mr Patrick FrydmanCouncil of State of France2002 - 2007
Mrs Martine de BoisdeffreCouncil of State of France1996 - 2002
Mr Bernard StirnCouncil of State of France1991 - 1996
Mr Michel PinaultCouncil of State of France1987 - 1991
Mr Michel FrancCouncil of State of France1984 - 1987

Former Treasurers of the Association

Mr Jacques JaumotteCouncil of State of Belgium2014 - 2022
Mr Yves KreinsCouncil of State of Belgium1994 - 2014
Mr Henri CoremansCouncil of State of Belgium1984 - 1994

Former Auditors of the Association

Mrs Susanne RublackFederal Administrative Court of Germany2016 - 2022
Mrs Karin AlmgrenSupreme Administrative Court of Sweden2011 - 2016
Mr Gustaf SandströmSupreme Administrative Court of Sweden2004 - 2011
Mr Leif LindstamSupreme Administrative Court of Sweden1995 - 2004
Mr Bertil VossSupreme Administrative Court of Sweden1984 - 1995

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