Association Internationale des Hautes Juridictions Administratives
International Association of Supreme Administrative Jurisdictions


Mr Nouhou Hamani Mounkaïla
 - First President
BP 13075, Niamey, Niger

1. Composition and structure

Number of members:


Recruitment procedure and incompatibilities:

Decree of the President of the Republic, President of the Superior Council of the Magistrature, after assent of the Superior Council of Magistrature.

Legal functions are incompatible with the exercise of any public or private activity; the function of magistrate is incompatible with any electoral mandate defined by the electoral Code.

Internal organization:

- Administration: managed by an office composed of the different presidents of Chamber, the public prosecutor and its first substitute and a general secretary (this position is vacant for the moment)

- General Assembly: fixing of hearings, fixing of legal holidays and calendar of departures on leave of the magistrates; all questions concerning the functioning of the Court.


Annual report of activities, decisions of the Court.



2. Jurisdictional attributions and advice

2.1. Court functions


Judiciary; administrative; public accounts.

Organization of Court system:

3 Chambers (Judiciary; administrative; public accounts).

Powers of the judge:

Cassation for incompetence or abuse of power; violation of law or custom , omission to rule…
Annulment of administrative acts; judgment of accounts of public account officers of State, of local communities and of public institutions.


2.2. Advisory functions


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