Ceremony for the installation of the president and vice-president of the Federal Administrative Court of Germany

On 17 February 2023, the installation ceremony of the new President of the Federal Administrative Court of Germany, Prof Dr. Andreas Korbmacher, and the new Vice-President, Dr. Susanne Rublack, took place at the Federal Administrative Court of Germany, sitting in Leipzig.

Dr. Susanne Rublack served as AIHJA's auditor from 2016 to 2022.

The Secretary General of the Association, Mrs. Martine de Boisdeffre, attended the event, which was organized at the invitation of the Federal Minister of Justice, Dr. Marco Buschmann.

After speeches by the President of the Council of Judges, Mrs. Katharina Harms, the Minister of Justice, the Prime Minister of the State of Saxony, Mr. Michael Kretschmer, and the Mayor of Leipzig, Mr. Burkhard Jung, President Korbmacher took the floor.

In his speech, President Korbmacher emphasised in particular the task of the administrative court to provide independent legal control of administrative action and public authorities in order to protect the rights of individuals.

The Federal Administrative Court of Germany will celebrate its 70th anniversary on June, 8, 2023.

XIVth Congress of the Association in Brussels

The International Association of Supreme Administrative Jurisdictions held its 14th Triennial Congress from 20 to 22 June 2022. Organised in Brussels by the Council of State of Belgium, which has held the presidency of the Association since 2019, the theme of the Congress was 'The role of administrative courts during the covid-19 crisis'.

The Congress was opened by Roger Stevens, First President of the Council of State of Belgium and President of IASAJ. His speech was followed by an address by Didier Reyners, European Commissioner for Justice, who gave a European perspective on the theme chosen for the Congress.

The participating magistrates then met in several working groups to discuss how the courts adapted their working methods and organisation to the health crisis, as well as the judgments handed down during this period.

The Board and the General Assembly met on this occasion. The Board approved the membership applications of the Supreme Court of Estonia and the Supreme Court of Latvia.

During the closing ceremony, Annelies Verlinden, Belgian Minister of the Interior, gave a speech on the measures taken to combat the pandemic and the institutional reforms of the Belgian justice system currently underway.

At the end of the Congress, the Supreme Court of Justice of Chile took over the Presidency of the Association. The Supreme Court will organise the next Congress of the Association in Santiago de Chile in 2025.

9th Compendium of the Association "Public law and the new information technologies"

The latest collection of the Association has been published. It reports on the work carried out during the 2019 Mexico City Congress devoted to the theme of "Public Law and New Information Technologies".

This collection presents a comparative analysis of the experiences of supreme administrative jurisdictions worldwide. Twenty-six supreme jurisdictions examined the impact of digital technology on their daily work and the exercise of their jurisdictional function, the development of electronic jurisdiction (through the use of electronic evidence, dematerialized access to the judge, etc.) and its consequences, as well as the ethical and legal issues involved in the use of digital tools by jurisdictions.

The collection is available in French and in English.

Board meeting and thematic seminar in Athens

The Board met both in person and by video conference under the chairmanship of Mr Roger Stevens, President of IASAJ and First President of the Council of State of Belgium.

The Board approved the theme proposed by President Stevens for the next Congress: "The role of the Supreme Courts in the context of the Covid-19 health crisis". The congress will take place in Brussels from 20 to 22 June 2022.

The International Association of Supreme Administrative Jurisdictions held its board meeting in Athens on 28 September 2020 and organised a seminar on the ethics of magistrates on 29 September.

The synthesis of the thematic seminar is available in English and French.

8th Compendium of the Association

The 8th Compendium of the IASAJ, fruit of the Istanbul Congress (2016), about The alternative dispute resolution in administrative matters is available here.